About Lane McNamara

John J. McNamara is a founding partner of the law firm of Lane McNamara LLP. John’s practice areas include construction law, employment law, suretyship, trial practice and insurance defense. He has authored the following: Books Co-Author, Calculating Construction Damages, 2nd Edition 1999, Aspen Law and Business Co-Author, Calculating Construction Damages, 1st Edition 1992, Wiley Law & Business Chapter Author, Construction Law Handbook, Chapter 28 Compensatory Damages for Breach of Contract, 1998 Aspen Law and Business Law Review Articles Author, Attention Gray Market Shoppers: K-Mart v. Cartier, Inc. Fails to Clarify the Clouded Area of Gray Market Goods, 38.4 Catholic University Law Review 933 (1989) Magazine Articles 2022, Co-Author, June 24, 2022 High Profile Magazine, The Contractor’s Consent to Assignment of Contract to the Lender: Be Careful What You Consent To 2000, Construction Claims: Pass Through Agreements and Claim Submittals, Building Massachusetts 1991, Immigration Related Employment Practices: What Contractors Should Know About Employing Alien Workers, Construction Business Review
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